What is Reiki?  

All living things are infused with energy.  From the time of conception this energy permeates our bodies.  Science has confirmed this.  This energy can be used for healing by manipulating it.  Reiki is a gift that has been given to us.  By opening your mind to this energy you will be more capable of seeing the synchronicity in life and be able to let the life flow.   

Some benefits of Reiki

Some of the benefits of receiving a Reiki treatment are:

Reiki can help you to relax; helps to bring clarity; can give you energy; helps to calm; helps with problem solving; relieves pain; accelerates natural healing; helps prevent the progress of disease; helps to detoxify the body; dissolves energy blockages; release emotional baggage; increase vibrational frequency in the body and it can help change negative conditioning and behaviors among many other benefits.


In a Reiki session, the Reiki Master will use a partial hands on and hands off approach.  We may put our hands on your in order to get the energy flowing then we will remove them and hold them above your body.  We will hold our hands in different positions for roughly 45 minutes.  Typically we will start at the head and work towards your feet.  

Crystal Reiki

In a Crystal Reiki session we will do the same as in a Reiki session except that we will incorporate crystals with it. Sometimes they may be placed on the skin during the session.  The Crystal Reiki Master will let you know during the session if that will be the case.  Most times we don't even know if that will happen until we actually do it.  

Animal Reiki

We also perform Reiki on animals.  Reiki can help to strengthen the bond between animal and owner, it can also help to maintain the health on physical, emotional and energetic levels.  It can help increase an animals feelings of relaxation and reduce tension in anxious animals.